The Photographer's Stuffed Animal Photo Challenge.

Capture some great images of our plush bird stuffed animals in the wild and you'll get a free plush bird!

Calling All Bird Photographers.

We're looking for talented and passionate photographers to help us spread the word about our bird stuffed animal fundraiser. If you are willing to capture some creative and unique images of our plush birds and share them with your fans, we'll send you a free stuffy! You can shoot our stuffed animals in the wild, in the home, in the studio... we don't care! Use your imagination, have some fun, and most importantly, help us raise money to protect the endangered bird species we love.

Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal
A Plush Snowy Owl catches the last light of the golden hour

Add a Little Plush To You Next Photo Shoot

It is actually a ton of fun to pack one of our plush birds in your camera bag. Our Snowy Owl stuffed animals make particularly good companions! All nature photographers have those dull periods when they can't find a good subject in the wild. Now you'll always have a bird to shoot! Best of all, our plush birds make a fun subject when you find the perfect light or perfect scene but lack a good subject to capture in it. Taking pictures of plush birds does present its own set of challenges compared to photographing real birds, but it is always fun and the results can be spectacularly creative.

Help Us Spread Word About Our One-of-a-kind Plush Birds & Fundraiser

After you nail the perfect photo, you can share it with us to feature on our web site. We'd also love it if you would share it with your audience and fans on Facebook, Flickr, or anywhere else you like to showcase your bird photography. You can add a unique twist to your bird portfolio, especially if you can capture a stunning image of a stuffed bird in the wild interacting with real wildlife!

Plush Snowy Owl & Real Snowy Owl Focus stacking a real Snowy Owl and a Snowy Owl stuffed animal! Focus stacking is a great way to shoot our plush birds interacting with wildlife

Just Don't Go Crazy

Use good judgement when bringing our bird stuffed animals to a photo shoot. We probably don't need to remind you, but you must very careful about disturbing wild birds, especially endangered species involved in important activities like nesting or breeding. Our plush birds are surely harmless, but photographers are not always. Also, be cautious around other people. When they see your adorable stuffed animal they might boil over with envy and try to take it from you.

Join Our Mission

If you would be interested in trading a few of your original photos for a free plush bird from us, get in touch! Send us an email with some links to your photography online. Also let us know what species of bird you would like. Choose from our Snowy Owl stuffed animal, our plush Osprey, Oystercatcher, or our adorable Plush Piping Plover!

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