Our Stuffed Birds Help The Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

It's an old-fashioned wildlife fundraiser! We donate 20% of the proceeds from every stuffed animal we sell to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

They Care For The Wild Birds You Love.

We don't think it is an overstatement to say that the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ is the most awesome organization on the planet. Behind this amazing organization is a small group of super heroes and fearless volunteers who tirelessly work to safeguard the wild parts of our planet for the rest of us. But they need our help. Advocating for wild life is expensive work and they need our support in order to keep wildlife in our future.

Habitat Director & Osprey Hero Ben Wurst of the CWFNJ is also a phenomenal photographer. We're crazy about his wild landscape photos of New Jersey's habitat.

New Jersey??!!?

While many people think of turnpikes, jug handles, chemicals, refineries, and Springsteen when they think about New Jersey, the reality is that New Jersey is home to a wide variety of critical habitats for a huge number of endangered and threatened species. This is particularly true for birds as key spots along New Jersey's coast, like Sandy Hook and Cape May, provide absolutely critical nesting grounds and migratory stops for all sorts of amazing bird species.

Wild New Jersey. Help protect it by buying a plush bird stuffy! Photo by the talented Ben Wurst.

Without someone advocating for the birds use of these habitats, both development and pollution will quickly wipe out huge populations and entire species. Thankfully the good folks at the CWFNJ are on the case keeping wildlife in our future.

And Beyond...

Osprey born in NJ will travel the world! Help protect them by buying a plush bird stuffy! Photo by the amazing Osprey Hero Ben Wurst.

While NJ residents have excellent reason to celebrate the hard work and dedication of the CWFNJ, the whole world shares in the wild fruits of their labors. Birds don't care what state they are in. Our Piping Plover fill the Caribbean with adorableness each winter, and New Jersey's Osprey fill the South American ecosystem when they migrate each year. Young Snowy Owls from the farthest reaches of the Arctic over-winter on a few key beaches in NJ before they return to carry on the species. Birds know no boundaries. The work being done along the New Jersey Coast is an important piece of the global bird protection puzzle.

Learn More!

Visit the CWFNJ to learn more about their amazing work. Photo by the amazing Osprey Hero Ben Wurst.

But don't just take our word for it! Visit the CWFNJ online! They keep an active web site and Facebook page documenting their hard work and amazing adventures.

Be sure to donate something when you visit! Every little bit counts.

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