Our Wool Felted Birds

Our birds are stuffed animals. They're not real. They're not taxidermy. They are one-of-a-kind plush recreations of the coolest birds on the planet. Plush Birds for Grown Ups!

Our birds are somewhere between a fun-filled toy and an exquisite sculpture.

We are crazy about birds but were never satisfied with the bird stuffed animals we found in retail stores. Not even those adorable little ones with the sounds in them. So we set out to make a better plush bird stuffy with all the little details of the species that inspire and astound us.

Cheap Plush Stuffed Animals Are Lame!

Most stuffed animals are made from cheap polyester cloth sewn quickly together in far-away factories and stuffed with some low grade poly-fill. Those plastic synthetic fibers are O.K., but they are very artificial feeling and often doused with super toxic flame retardants. And no matter how hard we tried to sew, we just couldn't achieve the level of detail and realism required to truly honor our winged friends in an appropriate manner.

Wool Felting Is Magic!

Instead, we turned to the ancient art of wool felting to make our plush birds. Thousands of years old, the magic of wool felting is simply the combination of wool, a little hot water, some soap, and a little agitation. When wet, soapy wool gets roughed up a little, tiny fibers on the wool lock together to form a dense fabric. The fabric can be sculpted and shaped in ways no other fabric can. It's pure magic.

We use the highest quality wools from around the world, purchased from smaller, family run farms that treat their sheep like their own children. We select the finest grade and most luxurious Merino wools, know for their immense softness and smooth textures. We even add some gorgeous silk to the mix (yes, silk is also a natural fiber that felts!) and voila: we have some of the furriest, softest, most realistic plush ever created. You've never felt anything like it, pun intended.

Huggable Bird Sculptures

All of our bird sculptures are soft and squishy like a classic stuffed animal, but have finer details including custom made glass eyes, hand molded rubber beaks, sculpted leather talons, and all sorts of obsessive attention to intricacy and beauty. The balance between squishy-soft-lovey plush bird toy and delicate sculpture varies between species and design, but all are crafted to be durable, safe and adorbz.

Stuffed Animals That Look Real

We love the species we create, and so we share that love with you. We spend lots of time in the wild with these species and can't stop at just some cheap likeness. We labor over our designs to get the right mix of taxidermy like realism and adorable stuffy-ness into every animal we create. Our bird soft sculptures are our sincere tribute to the world we love, and we're psyched to share them with you. We also love it when people get faked out and think our stuffed plush birds are real.

Stuffed Animals For Grown Ups

Are they safe for kids? Our stuffed animals are built of the highest quality materials and hand crafted by skilled artisans in America. The hazard with children and stuffed animals is always choking. While we follow the same safety regulations as companies making traditional, factory made stuffies marketed to children, as parents we never recommend letting small children play with anything that could choke them. Common sense wise, little peanuts won't appreciate the fine detail we put into our soft sculptures. These are stuffed birds for adults: We recommend ages twelve and up.

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