Frequently Asked Questions.

Gotta know more?! Read through our most frequently asked questions for a heaping helping of customer self-service!

1. I want one! How much do they cost?

Check out our list of available bird stuffed animals for the most up to date pricing.

2. How should I care for my Unreal!Bird?

Need to give your bird a bath? We recommend spot cleaning your Unreal!Bird with clear (uncolored) soap and a small amount of warm water. Gently rub the dirty area and then pat dry with a clean towel or cloth. Just like real birds, Unreal!Birds don't like the washing machine.

Wool, like all natural fibers, is susceptible to color fading from direct sunlight. Please protect your Unreal!Bird from constant direct sunlight.

3. Are Unreal!Birds appropriate for children?

Our stuffed animals are built of the highest quality materials and hand crafted by skilled artisans in America. The hazard with children and stuffed animals is always choking. While we follow the same safety regulations as companies making traditional, factory made stuffies marketed to children, as parents we never recommend letting small children play with anything that could choke them. Common sense wise, little peanuts won't appreciate the fine detail we put into our soft sculptures. These are stuffed birds for adults: We recommend ages twelve and up.

4. My credit card statement has a charge from the ShelterPups, huh?

The ShelterPups is our parent company and the creators of the world's best custom stuffed dogs.

5. I have a different question.

Questions, comments or concerns? Email us at if you have a question not answered here. Email is the fastest, and preferred, method of communication. Our email skills are awesome - you may even receive a reply instantly.

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