American Oystercatcher Stuffed Animals!

The eggs have hatched!
The world's first plush version of the beloved American Oystercatcher is finally here.


The American Oystercatcher stuffed animal is finally here! Our workshop has done it again and come up with the cutest American Oystercatcher stuffed animal on the planet.

Each American Oystercatcher comes with its own little Oystercatcher egg, lovingly speckled and felted to perfection. The brilliant coat and colors of the Oystercatcher are captured here in this homage to real American Oystercatchers nesting on a beach near you.

Order one today and help real American Oystercatchers maintain their coastal habitat. They make wonderful gifts for bird lovers.

Bird Nerd Fact:

Impress your ornithologist friends by referring to your new American Oystercatcher stuffed animal as an AMOY, like the biologists do. For example "Hey [insert friend name here]! Watch out for that AMOY on the counter! Its nesting and they are really protective."


Coming soon... the standing version of our American Oyster Catcher stuffed animal. Sign up to get notified!

Buy your American Oystercatcher stuffed animal:

  • Value: 20% of the sale price of each American Oystercatcher stuffed animal benefits real Oystercatchers through a donation to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.
  • Special Fundraiser Price: $49!


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