Piping Plover Stuffed Animals!

This incredible Piping Plover stuffed animal features both a protective sitting parent and a fluffy standing chick. The Piping Plover parent and child are sold as a pair, so you will get two lovingly crafted homages to the unique and endangered Piping Plover.

Piping Plover plush stuffed animal parent and chick

Our Unreal Piping Plover stuffed animal is over-the-top adorable! Adorbz! Sadly, this amazing bird is also amazingly endangered. Its shoreline, coastal habitat is shrinking and nests are being disturbed by (big surprise!) humans. Every purchase of a Piping Plover stuffed animal helps maintain their critical nesting habitat to ensure the piping plover is part of our world for generations to come.

The Piping Plover chicks are usually raised by their loving and dedicated Mama and Papa Plover. While the Piping Plover chicks are truly itty-bitty, their parents are not really that much bigger! As a very small bird the Piping Plover uses wits, not brawn, to protect the plover chicks. Any potential predator that comes near will immediately be distracted by the Piping Plover's loud cries and dramatic 'broken-wing' act, drawing attention away from the precious chicks.

Piping Plover chick standing near protective Piping Plover parent

Piping Plover chicks have a special superpower too: They can stand and run around almost as soon as they hatch! Thats why our stuffed animal Piping Plover just had to have a standing chick. The Piping Plover chick's brightly colored legs topped by a too-cute fluffy body are immediately recognizable and pay tribute to a bird we love, and that needs our help.

Buy a Piping Plover parent-and-chick pair today and help preserve these wonderful birds for our own chicks... err, children... to appreciate!

Buy your Piping Plover stuffed animal:

  • Value: 20% of the sale price of each Piping Plover stuffed animal benefits real Piping Plovers through a donation to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.
  • Special Fundraiser Price: $49!


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