Snowy Owl Stuffed Animals!

Our Snowy Owl Stuffed Animals and soft sculptures are heartfelt tributes to the real thing. It does not matter if you call them Snowy Owls, Oopiks, Ghost Owls, or Snowies; the Snowy Owl is one of the most amazing and adorable animals on the planet. Here is your chance to take one home with you!

Snowy Owl Stuffed Animal

This Snowy Owl stuffed animal is a squishy, lifelike recreation of one of the most magical animals on Earth.

Entertain the whole family by hiding your plush Snowy Owl in the cupboard, in the sock drawer, or even in the fridge (Snow Owls love the cold!). Owls like tall objects (top of the TV anyone?) where they can keep a close eye on you and any potential lemmings you are hiding.

Our stuffed Snowy Owls also love wide open spaces that remind them of the arctic tundra. During the legendary 2014 Owl irruption, our Snowy visitors from the far north gravitated to airport runways, where they were promptly shot at by FAA officials. You can help protect Snowy Owls and their critical shoreline hunting habitat (far away from the FAA!) by purchasing a Unreal Snowy Owl stuffed animal. All of our stuffed animals are handmade in the U.S.A. and feature supreme quality & craftsmanship.

Reasons why our UNREAL Snowy Owl Stuffed Animals make a much, much better pet than a real Snowy!

  • Real Snowies eat about 1,600 lemmings a year
  • Petsmart does not sell Lemmings
  • Snowy Owls love freezing cold temperatures... like 50 below freezing cold.
  • They vomit up pellets all the time
  • On the other hand UNREAL Snowy Owls ...

  • Are really good listeners
  • The bright yellow evil glare of a plush Snowy Owl is a great theft deterrent (no one steals a chocolate bar from under a Snowy Owl)
  • They like riding in the car
  • As of today, their wool pellet vomit count is still at 0. If your Snowy Owl does vomit up a felt pellet let us know! And take a picture!

Plush Snowy Owl double take

This image was a big challenge and a lot of fun to take. We managed to capture both a plush Snowy Owl and a real Snowy Owl in the same shot! The real Snowy felt so comfortable around its plush Snowy Owl felt likeness that it took a nap. But I can still feel its intense glare even through all the feathers.

a real snowy owl and a stuffed animal snowy owl share the beach

You might not be able to take the real thing home, but a Snowy Owl stuffed animal is the next best thing. Plus you help these magnificent animals with each Snowy Owl purchased. 20% of the sale price for each Owl goes to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey to support the incredible work they do protecting critical Snowy Owl habitat.

Purchase your Snowy Owl stuffed animal:

  • Size: Appx. 9 inches tall!
  • Value: 20% of the sale price of each Snowy Owl stuffed animal benefits real Snowy Owls through a donation to the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.
  • Special Fundraiser Price: $39!

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